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The stiff competition in the market today requires businesses to think outside the box to gain a much-needed competitive advantage. The idea of innovation has been greatly advocated as the primary way of ensuring that companies achieve sustainability in operations and existence in the market. Individual businesses have to think of ways they can push and encourage innovation internally. Here’s an overview of some strategies that business owners can put in place to encourage more workers to become innovative.

Encouraging Intrapreneurship
The intrapreneurship idea involves encouraging workers to think of innovative ideas, which are then launched within the workplace, as opposed to establishing a new business altogether. Supporting intrapreneurship in the workplace is a good way of boosting employees’ leverage and attachment in the workplace.

Favorable Policies
Creating policies that encourage innovation acts as a direct incentive to promote innovation among workers. Policies, such as the 15 percent time initiative, target dedicating 15 percent of employees’ time in a day to doing experiment activities in a workplace. It is through such commitment that workers get to become passionate about innovation.

Rewarding Innovation
There is no better way of encouraging innovation in the workplace that ensuring that workers who come up with innovative ideas are appropriately recognized. Offering incentives, such as cash rewards and bonuses for successful or attempted innovations, encourage workers to continue on the same path. This is an excellent way of motivating workers to see beyond their failures when in pursuit of innovativeness.

Resource Incentives
Innovation is a resource-intensive process, which requires capital, time, facilities, and equipment. After identifying workers within the company, who have a particular liking for innovation, it is essential to offer the required resources. Providing facilities and equipment, such as computers, material, and a suitable environment, allows workers to put their ideas to the test.

Offering Challenges
To increase workers’ quest for innovation, it is crucial to consider offering the appropriate platforms and challenges where they can exercise their innovative ideas. Having an innovation week or month at least once a year allows workers to showcase what they’ve got.